SoundFonts, Midi Files, DVD Reviews, Hardware Reviews, Software Reviews, Old Magazine Reviews, Puzzles, Downloads and more! All the Soundfonts and most of the General Midi files were created by myself. Don't forget to check out the Android page with my latest games. If you want to contact me, use the link in the menu. Enjoy what you find and watch out for more oddities soon!

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For my computer consultancy work, including web design, photo restoration, technical tuition, hardware and software solutions, check out my Web Design page for examples of my work and details.

What's On This Site?


SoundFonts based on my original midi files, remixes of tracks and some music quizzes.


JavaScript based quizzes, mainly multiple choice, Excel based quizzes, and some music quizzes.


Some quizzes plus some screensavers and a few programs including my Boot BMP Changer for XP.


I was the chief reviewer for a computer club and here are the software and hardware reviews. Plus a large DVD collection reviewed as well.


As a keen photographer (both 35mm and digital) some of my photos are on this site, with a section dedicated to my school days.


I have created quite a few games for Android using Basic4Android, so there is a dedicated section for my Android stuff.