Welcome to the links section. Information on the different sections are detailed below.

Web Design

This is the business section of the site. I design web sites and can custom the design for any purpose. I can create flash elements as well as other multimedia clips. I am also a computer consultant, able to give advice on purchasing, upgrading or fixing your computer. I am restore photographcs, removing scratches or tears from old photos, correctly the colour or even removing elements your don't want in the picture.

School Pages

I was a keen photographer at school and was always around with a camera taking shots. I also took many photos when my friends and I made our yearly pilgrimage to Alton Towers. You will find lots of old school photos here. There are also some articles, video and audio clips.


Not all my photos are school related, and the rest are in this section. They cover my hoildays and other family occasions. Not all the photos have been taken by me, and some have been scanned in from old photos or transparencies.

What Bugs Me

A sort of blog site about general things that 'bug me'. It covers a veriety of subjects, and of course are entirely my own opinion.

Android Page

Stuff relating to Android really. Some games created in Basic4Android, Wallpapers and tips.

Wedding Page

A sub site set up to celebrate my niece's wedding in 2014.