I have seven articles currently, the History of Music, the History of Midi, the History of my Musical Creations, the History of my BBC Micro Music, a Brief History of the Single, Technology and Media in 1996 and Autographs.

My BBC Micro Music Demo Discs

Music Demos Disc 1

Disc 1

The first music demo disc I created, includes Cars, Just Can't Get Enough, Mr. X, Electricity, Only You and The Model.

Music Demos Disc 2

Disc 2

The second music disc with Nobody;s Diary, New Life, Living On Video, Ghostbusters (the very first music demo I created), Kiss Me and Magic Fly.

Music Demos Disc 3

Disc 3

The third music disc includes Are Friends Electric, Locomotion, Close (to the Edit), Noise from China, Two Tribes and Trumpton.

Music Demos Disc 4

Disc 4

The fourth disc includes Secrets (Fiat Lux), Afternoon's Work, Axel-F, Don't You Want Me Baby, A View To A Kill and Doctor Who.

Music Demos Disc 5

Disc 5

The fifth disc came out in April 1986 and includes Take On Me, Da Da Da, Enola Gay, New Song, Sweet Dreams and Smalltown Boy.

Music Demos Disc 6

Disc 6

The sixth and last disc came out in July 1986 and includes Joe 90, Mission Impossible, BBC World Cup Theme 86, Captain Scarlet, Eastenders and Blue Peter.