Hardware Solutions

The inside of a computer can be a complex affair, but I can help you make sense of it and give you a better understanding of what is 'under the hood'. If your PC is running slow, or you want to upgrade to faster machine, I can help with advice on the best solution for your needs. I have built many computer systems over the years, so a custom built machine according to your specifications and budget is no problem. If part of your system is not working I can offer the best advice and fix it.

Laptops have less parts that you can upgrade, but I have repaired several and can give advice on how to get the best from your machine. I can also help if you want set up your house for better Internet access or watching your films from your PC on your television.

You should also be aware that as you upgrade your computer, you may need to do the same with your peripherals, e.g. your printer. Newer computers may not have the same connectors as your older hardware, but the prices of new equipment is always coming down. It is a well known fact that printer manufacturers make more money from selling the ink for the printer than the printer itself.

Whilst laptops may get cheaper as well, you should be wary of cheaper models. As new machines come out, sellers will reduce the price of existing models to clear stock, but of course these models will not be as powerful. This is true of any piece of hardware; as soon as you buy it, within a week or so a new device will come out and supercede it.

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular as the mobile device to play games, watch films, surf the internet and work. With the many different models available on the market, I can help you choose the best one for your budget and needs. if you already own a tablet, I can help you get the best from the device with tuition on the most appropriate apps (paid or free) and addition hardware to aid integration to your home set up.