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Charles Portrait
Charles Portrait by Laurence

When the new sixth form block opened, it included the new computer room, which previously was a small room near the top of the school, with a couple of Commodore Pets. The new room had an array of BBC Microcomputers, which were delivered a week before the black and white televisions that were used for the monitors, apart from a few colour ones, including a proper monitor. Anyway, to help imporve my digital dexterity, I took Typing as a course, and the 'typing pool' was in the classroom next door. There were three guys in the class, but by the end of the first week I think I was the only one. I got RSA Typing I and II, and for one of the open evenings, this picture was used as an example of what the pupils could achieve. It was a bit of a cheat as I did this portrait at home, using some complex code from a woman's magazine article.