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Going thorugh some old paperwork, I recently found a small eight page brochure for the school. Judging the by the photos I would say it is dated some time in the mid 70s. The photos and text of the brochure are below, or you can download a PDF of the brochure.

All Hallows School


The school is a Catholic school for the children of actively Catholic parents who wish their children to be educated in a Christian atmosphere which will be complementary to that of their homes. Indeed, the Catholic atmosphere of All Hallows depends very largely on the extent to which it is a reflection of the home atmosphere. Every effort is made to educate the students to develop their talents to the full and to become a real Christian force in the community.


The school is maintained by the Local Education Authority. The Board of Governors consists of eight Foundation Governors appointed by the Diocese of Portsmouth and that of Arundel and Brighton and four Governors who represent the Local Education Authority. A full list of Governors and of staff is printed annually in the School Calendar and Pupil's Journal which is issued to every student in the school.


The school was opened in September, 1961, to serve Catholic children from the Hampshire/Surrey border, mainly from the districts of Aldershot, Farnham, Farnborough, Fleet, Crookham, and adjacent rural and urban districts. His Grace, Archbishop King, Bishop of Portsmouth, assisted by his auxiliary, Bishop Thomas Holland, officially opened the school in July, 1962. A large extension was completed in 1969 and it is planned to construct a Sixth Form Block within the next three or four years. The school will become fully comprehensive in September, 1975, and will continue to cater for Catholic children of Catholic parents in the area.


The school stands on a twenty-five acre site. The buildings are modern and well equipped. The accommodation includes specially designed rooms for Art and Craft, Commerce, Drama, Dress Design, Engineering, Geography, Handicrafts, History, Home Economics, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Natural Sciences, Technical Drawing. There is an assembly hall with a fully equipped stage, a gymnasium, an enclosed heated swimming pool, an established Careers centre and an excellent Library. A small medical suite, staffed by a full-time Matron, is available to provide first aid and it is a base for medical and dental inspections. There is a large playground and some twenty acres of playing field, which provides for soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket and athletics.

Language Laboratory
Art and Craft Room


Pupils are placed in Houses on arrival at school. They are registered and receive Religious Instruction in their House groups. They are `banded' for all other subjects. Each year is put in charge of a Year Teacher who is concerned with the pastoral care of the pupils in that year. The Year Teacher remains with the year throughout its first five years in the school. Parents are encouraged to form close links with the Year Teacher, as, indeed, they are encouraged to do with all the staff who come into contact with their children.

There is a Parent-Teacher Association which has been in existence since the school opened. The Association has helped considerably in the purchase of various items for the school, including a minibus and the erection of the school Chapel. Perhaps more important, it provides a sounding board for parental opinion and presents an opportunity for informing parents of curriculum changes and offering them help and advice in many ways.

For the first three years in school, pupils follow a general course :including Art, Drama, Dress Design, English, French, Handicrafts, Home Economics, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies, the Sciences and Social Studies. During the third year, pupils select the courses they wish to take in the fourth and fifth years. These courses lead to G.C.E. 'O' level and C.S.E. examinations, or offer a general education with no final examination. There is an expanding sixth form where there are 'A' level and C.E.E. courses. There are useful links with local Technical Colleges.

An effective Careers service backed by the Local Authority Careers Advisory Officer, who spends one day each week in school, is a most valuable aid to students in helping them to determine their careers.

Biology Laboratory


Mass is said regularly in the school Chapel. Two assistant priests, one from Farnham and one from Aldershot, act as School Chaplains and, between them, they are present on the school premises for six half-days a week. Each year it has been customary to carry out a Vocations' Exercise. Every effort is made to keep the closest possible links with the parishes from which the students come. Senior pupils have a Retreat each year at Park Place Pastoral Centre at Wickham.

There are numerous clubs in the school engaged in Stamp Collecting, Chess, Angling, Nature Study, Drama, Chemistry, Recorders, Geography and there are temporary groups organised for special occasions. All the customary sports are played and the school is fortunate to have a five hole golf course. There is an annual programme of outdoor activities which includes skiing in the Cairngorms, camping and pony trekking in Wales, camping at Lulworth, sailing and canoeing at Calshot. Frequent visits are paid to places of interest including the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Fishbourne, local and London theatres, industries and military establishments. The school works with various charitable organisations in the community and senior pupils take part in voluntary activity in such establishments as nursery schools, hospitals and homes for the mentally handicapped.

All communications to be addressed to:

Tel : Aldershot 21616 and 213400

Swimming Pool