Here are some programs that I have created. They range from versions of the quizzes from the site that can be played off line, a few screensavers and some other programs. The Boot BMP Changer is featured on Softpedia, Brothersoft, Winportal, Podnova and Downloadplex. It is also featured on other sites (and I did not submit entries to these sites) which state that it works on Vista and Windows 7, but it does not. See the Boot BMP Changer page for full details.


They are based on the quizzes in the Games section, but these ones can be downloaded and played off-line. There are two types, the ones where you have to type an answer in, or a multiple choice quiz. Four are Flash files and the rest are executables, with a full installation file.


They are mostly created using Flash, which means the graphics files do not take up much room. Some include a full installation program, but some are just the scr file. You can right-hand click on the scr file and choose the install option from within Explorer.


In addition to the BBC Micro music demo videos on YouTube, I have uploaded other videos on my YouTube channel.