Web Design

As a freelance web designer, I can offer a completely personal package for you, helping you through all the stages in getting a web site published. I can advise you on how to register a domain if you do not already have one and how to get space to publish the web site on.

All the sites I design are compliant with the standards set by the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium), which ensures that they will display correctly on the widest range of web browsers. I can design graphics for your site that will be quick to load for visitors who do not have broadband, and look good. Audio can easily be added to your site in a variety of formats or included as downloads as I have extensive knowledge of audio editing. Java script can be custom designed for you, and I can also convert Word documents to the PDF format for inclusion on your site.

The site will be tested on several different web browsers to ensure that it will work correctly and look as intended and be fully responsive (so it will display on smartphones and tablets correctly). I will always make sure that the site works before asking for payment. I can update the site once it is published or teach you to maintain it yourself. Technical support and advice is available, and if you have any other computer related questions please feel free to ask.

I have over 20 years experience in computing including web design and art and have read many books on the subject of web design. It is a fine balance between what looks good on a site and what is practical, ensuring that visitors to your site get the best experience possible. Below are screen shots of some of the sites I have designed. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the view.

Pampered Souls
The School Pages
Latest Orchardoo
Photo Gallery
What Bugs Me
Old Orchardoo
Wedding Album
The Android Page
Personal Portfolio
Cowon J3
Dutton Solictors
Peter Allis
MEO Electrical
ROM Guildford PC User Group 2012
Arundel Stone
J and J Beads
Lansbury West
Italian Fine Wines
Community Empowerment Training