Photo Restoration

With digital cameras making photography so easy, modern photos (if printed) can look great. But what if you have some older pictures, that have been left in a box somewhere, that don't look as good? Old photos, transparencies or negatives kept in a box somewhere could hold a picture that could be enjoyed.

I have over 25 years experience in repairing photos on a computer. The original photo is scanned at a high resolution and repaired using graphic editing software. The sort of things that can be fixed include:

Please note that a blurred photo cannot be turned into a sharp, clear picture. Despite what you may see in films and television programs, it is not possible to get that sort of detail from an image. Dark images can usually be improved as the information is still contained in the photo.

The cost will vary according to how much work needs to be done, but a final printed photo is included in the price along with the fixed digital image. Larger images or multiple printing may cost more.

Below are some examples of previous photos I've worked on. You can drag the arrow control in the middle of each photo to see the before and after effects.

Sample 1 Sample 1

Stains, marks and holes repaired, boots rebuilt, image colourised and background widened

Sample 2 Sample 2

Contrast improved, scratches fixed, holes repaired and greyscaled

Sample 3 Sample 3

Right half moved to left, colours corrected and perspective fixed

Sample 4 Sample 4

Tears fixed, corners rebuilt, contrast improved, greyscaled then recoloured

Sample 5 Sample 5

Colours fixed, contrast improved, new image of bride's father added so both subjects facing camera

Sample 6 Sample 6

Contrast improved and raised stamp on photo removed

Sample 7 Sample 7

Spots, scratches and evidence of torn photo repaired with tape removed

Sample 8 Sample 8

Scratches, watermarks and chemical spots removed

Sample 9 Sample 9

Lower half restored to top, green tint removed and image sharpened

Sample 10 Sample 10

Scratches, tears and contrast improved

Sample 11 Sample 11

Contrast adjusted, colours fixed, cropped, straightened and sharpened

Sample 12 Sample 12

Window markings removed, seat cloned out, aspect fixed